What I Learned Hiking Mam Tor with 2 kids

I had known this for a while, but hiking was a totally centering activity.

  • I think next time we take a trip like this we need to plan to put hiking on Day 1 or 2 instead of at the end of the trip.
  • I packed snacks from home. The bars held up. The coconut flakes in the reusable baggies did not (they got all soggy.) Should have left them in their container until the day of trip.
  • I was justified in carrying our hiking stuff all the way with us. Considering we took 4 people’s stuff in 2 suitcases and the equivalent of 1 carryon, the size of our gear was acutally pretty considerable. The hiking gear including carriers all got used.

Mam Tor was honestly, one of my favorite parts of our whole trip. This was the day for me that made the most sense with my kids. We were just doing what we always do. There wasn’t any fussing. We just explored. There were only our normal trail rules. We just walked up. Snacks were required at regular intervals.

Our circuit was about 5 miles. Though the route looked like you could easily shorten or lengthen it. There were steeper ascents and gentler descents, but we ended up on a “medium” route. More or Less. Note to Self: Always pack the wind breaker. It was a brutal 50MPH winds at the summit and Graham needed to ensconse himself in my coat. My friend was our companion on this hike. It felt great to share something that has made me so happy with her. I’m pretty sure that blurryness is the wind.

Graham made it all the way up the mountain, but insisted on being carried down. Warren “hiked” the very last parts. He was not interested in hiking today, just snuggling daddy. But once we were off the mountain he was much more interested in the flatter paths. He’s selective about terrain.

I have a picture of my late grandma making this same face, she would have loved this.

It was worth the drive to be here. I’m so glad we opted for the Peak District. We have so much left to see of the United Kingdom. I’m sure we’ll be back. The whole National Park Trust area was just amazingly beautiful and a lot of films have been shot there. Which is completely unsurprising. We drove right by the location of Westley being shoved down the hill by Buttercup in the Princess Bride. You could easily spend multiple days hiking those “paths.” It was more like the paths were friendly guidelines than actual paths. Only the ridgeline was paved. Still, beautiful and untamed.


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I'm a hiking, camping, reading, writing and cooking mom to two crazy boys. I love to knit in my free time.
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