Travel Notes from Our Trip to England

I’ve been MIA due to an amazing opportunity to take my family to England. It was a really special trip for me. I was born in England and to be able to show some places to my family and to experience new things together was just…wow.

We had a brief day in London. We hit up the Princess Diana Memorial Playground. If you have children and are in London, don’t miss this. It’s free to get in and the kids had a great time. It was the perfect way for them to acclimate to the new time and place. I’ve been to a lot o playgrounds, but none of them were this cool. We were lucky enough to see both Kensington and Buckingham Palaces as well as the changing of the guard. Additionally, we rode both the underground and a double decker city bus. And capped it off with a high speed train ride to Cambridge.

Travel Notes from our Trip to England

Changing of the Guard led by Canadian Troops in honor of Canada’s 150th anniversary. Also, led for the first time ever by a woman,

We were able to stay with a friend in Cambridge and spent the first day wandering around. It poured (which was unusual for the season) and we went to the Fitzwilliam Museum. True to my sons’ styles, their favorite part was the puddles outside. I won cool mom by having remembered their “puddle stompers.”

Travel notes from our Trip to EnglandWe also drove out to Ispwich and Woodbridge which is where I was born. I did the driving on this one because I really wanted Elliot to be able to see the place and because he tends to navigate better than I do.

Travel notes from our trip to England

My first house

We had a punt! Highly recommended. Super touristy. But also, very fun.

Then it was up into the Peak District for Chatsworth and Castle Ashby de la Zusch. The kids loved both these places. I started calling them all hikes. “We’re going hiking at a castle,” I’d say. They got totally into it. The castle especially, they could easily run around and climb up stairs and touch everything and no one was bothered because it was a ruin. I love when history is touchable.

My favorite part was hiking Mam Tor, which will have to be it’s own post.

Mam Tor

Somethings about this trip were so very close to the heart. I’ve been finding it difficult to put words to the swirling vortex of emotions that I experienced. For me, England has always had a calming sort of effect. It makes me feel grounded in a way that few other places do. The speed of travel, the diction, the tea, the wobbly sidwalks. Each achors me and calls me, home. I’ve spent so little time in this place that my body and mind yearn to return to.

Usually when coming home from a trip I’m a bit relieved to be home. When I came home from England I felt like I’d left somethings behind.


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