Sunshine On My Shoulders

Independence Grove in Libertyville, IL. 3 miles of a unshaded gravel path. As Kate said, “Not exactly what I planned.”

All around though it was a great walk. The path was quite extensive and beautiful. It had two loop options. We took the shorter loop to avoid the bikes on the top loop. Neither path had any shade to speak of. The top loop connects up to the Des Plaines River Trail and Greenway- which could make a nice backpacking trip.

There was a great kids playground with ‘cave’ and climbing wall. I was pretty impressed. It worked pretty well for a wide range of kids.

Pros: Long trail with lots of detours over the lake. Awesome kids playground by the pavilion

Cons: While this park is free to Lake County residents you have to pay $10 to park if you don’t live in Lake County. There isn’t a sticker you can buy so you’ll have to pay each time. Lack of shade in the summer is a concern. High traffic area- so if solitude is what you are looking for, this isn’t the place for you. This is a great residential park but definitely isn’t a wilderness.


Jacobus Park

two boys climbing over a water duct
Let’s be adventurous

Mini Pinecones Toddler in red & white striped hat standing in front of a dry stream bed

Narrow Trail with an umbrella stroller at the bottom
An incline that I perhaps shouldn’t have taken the umbrella stroller down

The HikeitBaby30 is underway again. So we’re mileage focused. We started adult paced and quickly devolved back to kid exploration and then back to adult paced. I guess this isn’t much of a “hike” as most think about them. But the kids got down and dirty with rocks, sticks, and streams. It also required a lot of physical negotiation with the stroller and the path/not path.


52 Hikes

It was narrow. It was close. It wasn’t exactly what I had planned. But it’s completed. I had planned to make my last hike of the 52 hike challenge a completely solo hike. Going solo anywhere is a bit of a challenge for me, so I thought it would dovetail nicely with this challenge. Then we ended up going to my in-laws for the last weekend. 

The hike was Grant Woods Forest Preserve, which was very lovely. I guess you could say it was solo since Elliot carried Warren and Graham walked the whole time. The woods were lovely. It has been so nice to share our passion with our family. Encouraging others to be more active and enjoy nature is so much fun. Considering how much we have benefitted from this lifestyle, we want to include our family in that as well.

I’m going to continue to post about hikes and we have an upcoming backpacking trip that I need to document. Plus, what I’ve learned! Can’t wait.


Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Of all the things I’ve learned from the 52 hike challenge, one that sticks with me the most is that the weather doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be a good hike. Unlike our last trip to Schlitz Nature Center (with driving rain), this trip was sunny albeit a little cold.

Toddler Walking along Lake Michigan
Warren walking along Lake Michigan

We brought along some friends and ended up walking 3 miles! One of my favorite parts of Schlitz is Lake Access! The pebble beaches often amaze me with the variety of rocks. Quartz, Marble, Granite, Sandstone- it’s a veritable treasure. Each rock is so smooth and heavy. The sensory input is just awesome.

4 year old boy in red rain suit standing in Lake Michigan
Graham deciding to wade in

We’ve also taken to exploring the ponds to look for snails. Finding the empty snails shells is easy. It’s being patient and observant to find the ones stuck to the bottom that’s’ much harder.

Little boy holding a snail shell beside a pond
Snails Shells

Lichen, Liken, Like um?

I didn’t realize how much of a fan I was of lichen, fungi, and mosses. It’s something about these plants that just draws me in. This hike was all about balance for me. We had done a whole bunch of stroller/ adult pace hikes recently. It was raining and miserable. The last thing I wanted was to pack up and hike while carrying kids. So we toddler led. Graham and Warren spent about 20 minutes running back and forth through the same puddle.

This hike was such a blessing. Walking at a child’s pace allowed me to appreciate all the little details. There were moss, lichen, and fungi all over our hike. The copious amounts of rain we had made everything verdant green. I think what I find most fascinating about these plants is the locations they grow on. Most grow on rock or dead trees. It’s amazing how they create a life for themselves. Hike 51 is complete.

It looks like I won’t be doing a solo hike for my last hike. But I do plan to make that a goal for myself.


Dance Me

It is the renewed vigor of challenge that draws me onward. I think we all do a dance as parents and human beings. Just what and how far do we sacrifice? How much can we lose and still be ourselves? In the growth of ourselves aren’t we better beings?

We headed to the Menomonee River in Wauwatosa for a 2.3-mile hike and 1.5 hours in the ridiculous 70-degree weather. The trail was really muddy in places. We also had a brief scramble over not-trail-not-water.

Graham did a great job and hiked the whole time. Warren had fun on me for the most part. He’s very particular about when he walks. And the first part of the trail was so ridiculous that I’m glad he didn’t want to walk. I love that my mom (Nana) has been coming hiking with us. It’s so wonderful to share this passion with my family.Hike 50 is done! I must be one of those people that thrive on deadlines.

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic till I’m gathered safely in –
Billy Joel