I have 5 minutes

5 minutes in which my fingers can fly. We did Hike 49. That means there’s only 3 left. And I’m not sure we’ll make it. When I said two posts ago that it wouldn’t matter, I was kidding myself. Of course, it matters. It matters because this was a goal for me. This was something that meant something to me.

I knew that I needed to make the effort to add this into my life. I knew it as surely as I know that life isn’t any good without tea. I knew it as surely as Graham’s laugh makes me happy. Hiking matters. My goals matter. I brought out the compromise and thought I can live with that. Turns out, I can’t.

Hike 49 was great. It wasn’t much mileage (hahaha) but I soaked up every ray of the weak watery sunshine. My sons laughed with their friends and spent most of the time attempting to dig holes alongside the trail. At one point it was suggested that a 3 pound rock would make a good hiking companion and would you, pretty please mama, carry this?

So I have about 14 days to hike 3 hikes. I would like at least one of them to be a completely solo hike. Alone but not lonely.

Some things we sacrifice as parents. This isn’t going to be one of them.


About Heidi

I'm a hiking, camping, reading, writing and cooking mom to two crazy boys. I love to knit in my free time.
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