Winter awakens all my sorrow, now these leaves grow bare

This title is a little misleading. But I wanted to talk about those hikes that don’t go the way we expect. I was hoping, when I scheduled this hike for Hike it Baby that it was going to be a great hike. The weather would be warm(ish) and that lots of our friends would be there.

But that isn’t how it went. Instead, we drove an hour and a half for about 40 minutes of hiking. We hiked alone. It was freezing. It was windy. At one point Warren needed to be held because the wind knocked him down. (I’m not kidding) And yet, this hike was wildly successful. No one whined. No one. Graham ran around like a banshee screaming into the wind. Warren explored some trees. We found a slightly less windy spot and had snacks. I am eternally grateful for Pouches. We made practically no distance. Everyone smiled. Everyone had a great time.

It’s days like this that teach you how impressive your kids are. All that work we pour into them to help them be resilient and happy, it pays off. It pays off when they can have a good time even if it isn’t what was planned. “hey mama, what are these holes? Oh, mama are we on the ICE AGE TRAIL? hey, mama, I found a stick” the kids being happy has helped me be happier. I have so much to learn.

Hike 48. Too short to count mileage. Too long to not count.

Winter awakens all my sorrow, now these leaves grow bare; often I sigh and mourn sorely when I come to think of this world’s joy, and how it all goes to nothing


About Heidi

I'm a hiking, camping, reading, writing and cooking mom to two crazy boys. I love to knit in my free time.
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