I go to nature to be soothed

We’ve definitely been inching along on these last few hikes. I have a confession. Now that hiking is more of a habit than out of the ordinary, it means less “finish” if that makes sense. We’ve walked significantly more than 52 hikes this year. Not all of these were “counted” toward my total. Pretty much without fail we’ve made hiking and outdoor play a part of our life. I’m planning a follow-up post for what I’ve learned about myself through the hiking challenge. And I’m looking at what I need to do to continue to create healthy habits for us. For now, hike 46 is completed. We went back to the Bong Recreation area. The weather was crap. Cold and windy. We definitely needed to get outside. Elliot was grumbling about leaving a warm house but ultimately ended up admitting that he needed the fresh air as much as I did.

I’m so pleased with this trail. It has a little bit of everything and some nice views. It’s 1.8 miles long, which is about perfect for Graham to walk himself. I had to carry him up a few hills, but otherwise, he walked the whole way. Graham and Elliot visited the solarium at the nature center, but Warren was asleep in the car, so I missed out on that. Not really a big deal, since I want to go back to try out their other trails.

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order -John Burroughs


About Heidi

I'm a hiking, camping, reading, writing and cooking mom to two crazy boys. I love to knit in my free time.
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