Beaches are not just for summer

img_5594I think some of the most satisfying hikes I go on are ones where we don’t go very far. I love an adult paced hike. They are wonderful and needed. But these hikes where we walk half a mile and then the kids play by the lakeshore and then we walk the half mile back to the car? These are magic.

A huge part of that has to do with my brain being able to unplug for the 20 minutes we spend at the beach. As long as they aren’t attempting to drown, I’m free to let my mind roam. Occasionally I can even meditate for a few minutes. The kids are so focused on

  • throwing rocks into the water
  • building sand castles
  • stomping in puddles
  • finding the perfect rock
  • making sand angels
  • digging a trench
  • crushing ice


It’s liberating for both parties involved. The climb back to the parking lot is satisfying and tough for their little legs. We sit in the nature center and drink cocoa and eat snacks. Everyone is happy.

Hike 42. Total Mileage 87.5


About Heidi

I'm a hiking, camping, reading, writing and cooking mom to two crazy boys. I love to knit in my free time.
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