Half Dark

The holidays hit. I went cross country skiing. I ate too much and exercised too little. I didn’t laugh enough and I retreated into myself.  I wondered why I wasn’t feeling well. And then realized how little I’d been doing. My last hike was over a month ago. My last kid led hike was even longer ago. Our outside time dwindled to almost nothing, after a whole summer and fall of day long outside time.

I don’t tend to make or keep resolutions, but I’m hoping to set some intentions.

  1. Clean Efficiently- Do the chores quickly when they need to be done, so they don’t prevent me from doing the things I love
  2. Set up recipe organizer- This will allow Elliot to help out with cooking, will make shopping easier, quicker and more efficient. Hopefully, it will also reduce our grocery bills
  3. Organize Photos (this is a year long project)
  4. Exercise- I’m currently doing HASfit. It’s a 28-day program, but I plan to keep with it. Also hiking at least once a week. I’ve scheduled Hike it Baby Hikes with my friends and we are also planning some backpacking trips. I need to start scheduling camping trips for this year.
  5. Write more consistently- I have some deadlines to submit for. After that, I need a bit of direction in terms of what I’m working on and when.

3 organization tasks, that hopefully do not take the whole year, 1 personal goal, and 1 professional goal. I’m hopeful about this. More hiking tomorrow! I’m still at 39 hikes for the 52 hike challenge. I need to know how many weeks I have left.


About Heidi

I'm a hiking, camping, reading, writing and cooking mom to two crazy boys. I love to knit in my free time.
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