The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive

I’ve already written about the camping trip we took to Potawatomi State Park. It appears that I’m finally catching up with myself. I wanted to make the hike a separate entry. The Eastern Terminus of the Ice Age Trail was hike 16.IMG_8451



We hiked 4 miles. This hike had a lot of up and down and the first part was right next to a somewhat steep drop-off. I tandem carried the boys for as long as I could and as long as Graham would let me. Warren slept for a bit, which was a small miracle; he doesn’t usually care to sleep while being carried. IMG_8457



We only climbed up the first part of the observation tower. Graham wasn’t feeling well and that expressed itself in a determination to stay as close to the ground as possible. Normally, he isn’t afraid of heights.

I’d recommend this stretch of trail. It’s a bit challenging footing early on in the hike, and there is a significant portion of the trail in the park which is pretty nice. It isn’t always toddler friendly, but the kiddos loved the parts they could tackle. The part by the lake is quite pretty. The marker at the end is kind of odd, since it doesn’t look like much and we ended walking around it a couple of times before realizing what it was.

Total Miles: 31.5

“The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive. The great opportunity is where you are” -John Burroughs


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