I only went out for a walk

IMG_8429Hike 15 was a trek! Over July 4th weekend, we went to Hudson, WI to visit family. I convinced them all to go hiking with us. Ha! The goal was to walk the 1 mile segment of the Ice Age Trail to the Western Terminus. We hiked in Interstate Park. We ended up hiking 5 miles, 4 of which Graham walked himself. He loved having some cousins to keep up with. He was determined to do everything they did. IMG_8433

We walked from the visitor center, down the Skyline Trail, over to Interstate Shelter, up the Lake O’ the Dalles Trail, over the parking lots to the Ravine Trail and back up to the visitor center. After lunch we drove the short distance to the .4 miles Pothole trail to hike to the Western Terminus. It was a hot day, but it didn’t feel that hot until we were on the Pothole trail. This trail had a lot less shade. The Skyline Trail was really nice and shaded.IMG_8437

The Lake Trail was quite beautiful and it looked to be the perfect day for fishing, if you like fishing. We had fun crossing streams and the Ravine trail was a challenging uphill. Warren really appreciated the breaks to get out and practice his walking. He’s been mobile for the past couple of weeks and loves to show off his skills. IMG_8439

We had a great time with our extended family. It was exhausting! But in that way that makes you feel alive. The glacial features like potholes and the St. Croix River made for interesting views and a fun destination.IMG_8444

Total Miles: 27.5

“I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found was really going in” -John Muir


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I'm a hiking, camping, reading, writing and cooking mom to two crazy boys. I love to knit in my free time.
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