What a cool place to hike

Hike 9 was done May 27th. We’ve been a bit remiss on documentation. Hike 9 was on a segment of the Ice Age Trail. I was so excited to get on the Ice Age Trail again. Graham, however, was not. This hike was literally one painful mile.  IMG_6157
No amount of snacks or other bribery worked. He just did not want to hike that day. He wanted to be carried. I got him to walk briefly by looking into downed trees to see if we could find bugs. IMG_6158
I ended up tandem carrying both boys back to the car. It was hot and humid and walking with 55 extra pounds did not seem like a bright idea. I’ve slowly built up a tolerance for all that extra weight. However, its not something I really enjoy. IMG_6160
We accomplished one sweaty gross mile. We found a tick on Graham at bath time that we had to pull off him. It’s officially tick season in Wisconsin. I plan to Pemethrin our clothes soon.

Total Miles: 19

“What a cool place to hike
I see tons of stuff I like
Wish I had a bigger jar
I’d take these scorpions in the car” -David L. Harrison


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