A New Start

This blog was a lot of things. It was about a lot of things. It slowly became something that I chose to no longer prioritize. For a time that was acceptable. I had other things that I need to focus on and devote my time to. However, I really felt a lack in my life. Writing had been such a creative outlet for me, and as the mother of two small humans I really needed to honor that outlet. I’ve decided to nurture that creativity that I so desperately desire.

I’ve gone through and deleted most of my old posts. I’ve left some in place; posts that I felt were relevant to my current journey or thoughts that I had written no where else.

From this point forward I want to focus on a couple aspects of my life, my hiking journey and minimalism, to help me achieve my goals and to keep me accountable. I can’t promise I’ll always be on topic, but I want to try. I’ve been slowly curating my life. I’ve been making my way toward minimalism and eschewing that from my life which no longer serves a purpose.

52hikechallengelogoIn order to stay accountable about hiking I’ve joined the 52 hike challenge. I’m quite enthused about this. I’m hoping the 52 hike challenge will push me to get on trail more, and attempt trails that I thought would be too hard for me. I’m referencing All Trails list of 52 best hikes in Wisconsin in order to get started.

A huge part of my journey is my family. I’m hoping this journey allows me to be a more present and mindful, wife and mama. My kiddos, Graham (2.5) and Warren (9 mo) will most likely be joining me on most, if not all, of my hikes. Elliot plans to join us as often as he can. By sharing my adventure with them, I hope to instill a love of nature, create bonds that will last a life time, and empower them to chose their own adventures.


About Heidi

I'm a hiking, camping, reading, writing and cooking mom to two crazy boys. I love to knit in my free time.
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