Month of Balance Day 30

IMG_7793 IMG_7782One of the things about Balance is that you really have to be vigilant about it. It’s so easy to let your life get swept along and not pay any attention. Part of my focus this year coming up is to take better Care of my physical and mental being. This Month of Balance has been part of that.

These things are part of my balance. Tea. My knitting group of ladies. Knitting: the process and the product. They allow me to center myself and are a source of strength. It is so vital that there is this space of my own, so that I can be there for my family when they need me.


Month of Balance Day 29

GUYS! My Amazing husband got me this soundtrack for my birthday. There are only 1000 out there! I'm so lucky!

The best ending to a day. Plus watching Joe vs the Volcano.

Happy 29th! Here’s to a fantastic day. Sushi, sunshine, my two favorite dudes, smiles, wine, a little knitting, my favorite movie, my favorite soundtrack. I’m so blesssed


Month of Balance Day 28

IMG_7759Ah if we were counting in February Days, this month of balance would be over. Granted I started in January. Let’s shine a little light into this month. Some find February dreary but not me.IMG_7771
I may be biased, because I was born in this month, but it’s my favorite. It’s as though the year was specially designed for me. So much snow! A real winter like in my childhood. Winter has really set in and if we are lucky sometimes spring feels right around the corner.
IMG_7778Today is one of those days. 40 degrees. Sunshine. Hot Tea. Warm Candles. Spring is coming. And yes, those are candies from Christmas. Please come eat them for me.

Listening to: Bongo Bong by Manu Chao off the Clandestino album. My roomie in college introduced me to Manu Chao and this has got to be my favorite song. It’s a great driving song, goofy song, or just chilling song. & it always reminds me of the importance of being who I am.


Month of Balance Day 26

IMG_0903I’ve been to my Home Home, visiting my dad & sisters since Wednesday. It’s always a treat to spend time with them. They were super sweet and helped us to celebrate my birthday a bit early. Where else can you get three sisters to help you take your kid sledding? My family is always been such a source of strength for me. IMG_7715El Sugar & I also went on a date to the Rumpus Room. I highly recommend it. If you go, get the Bacon and the Deviled Eggs. They are both under the ‘snacks’ category. If you know anything about me you know I’m a snack kind of girl. Those snacks, those are my kind of snacks. We had a super cute date. And it was so nice to spend some one on one time with my Man.

Listening to: I’m Happy by Pharrell Williams off the Despicable Me soundtrack. Just watched both movies today. HILARIOUS.


Month of Balance Day 23

One of the hardest things about this month of balance is that I tend to fall asleep before I can upload the photos and post them. So far, I’ve really enjoyed this project of mine. I’ve enjoyed trying to search for the balance in my life; digging deeper into my life to find the positives and face any negatives head on.

The holly bears a berry

It’s also caused me to realize that positive/ negative are not the only things in balance in our lives. Companionship/Solitude, Warm/Cold, Light/Dark, Happiness/Sorrow: All these things have a balance of their own. By focusing on balance in a month typically described in poor terms (I think February gets a bad wrap) I’ve really had to look into what balance means.


I’ve been meaning to get more comfortable with the “large” camera and this has certainly forced me to do so.

Listening to: Martin Guerre (Original London Cast), I had the pleasure of seeing this live about 15 years ago. The soundtrack is still one of my favorites


Month of Balance Day 22

Today’s one photo demonstrates the balance of socks. I can’t live without them, and my son… I guess he can’t live with them. Either that or baby socks are purposely meant to torture parents.

socks, the best article of clothing
socks, the best article of clothing

Listening to: Friends on the Other Side from Princess and the Frog.