Fetus Update: Week 38


This picture makes me look ginormous

Today: For some reason my colon key has been sticking. It’s a tad problematic but not very important. Just annoying enough. Last time I tried to fix a key (the letter P) I ended up having to go into the Apple store to get my keyboard replaced. So I’m trying not to fiddle with it. But I keep having to smoosh the beejessus out of it.

Fetus Update: Week 38 2 more weeks until the due date. One of my friends from high school was due the same day as I am. Her baby already came…I might be slightly jealous. That being said I know it’ll be way harder to take care of the baby once it’s outside of my body. So that helps me to be patient. Also, according to my midwife they cry less if they are closer to the due date. (I’m all for that)

Current Weight Gain: 25 pounds. That’s a lot of pounds. Baby is apparently the size of a small pumpkin, weighs around 5-8 pounds and is about 18 inches long.

Overall Feeling: Weeks 34-37 were…rough. I had a lot of depression management to do, which long term is exhausting. Also there was a lot of family stress going on, which made it really hard to cope with the added depression emotions swirling around. El Sugar has been a complete rock for me and I love him for it. However, I also brought it up to my Doc/Midwife. I want to avoid PPD as much as possible, and we felt that if I let this fester it was only going to get worse. I’ve started a B-Complex, Fish Oil, and St. John’s Wort routine that will hopefully get me feeling more secure about my ability to cope. I’ve taken St. John’s Wort in the past with great success. This is the first time with Fish Oil, so I’ll let you know what I think. The B-Complex is more to help with my ability to sleep. It wasn’t clear to me whether or not I was getting depressed because I wasn’t sleeping well or that I wasn’t sleeping well because I was depressed.

Maternity Clothes: No more. Zulily did have a sale on Cake Lingerie (an awesome nursing bra manufacturer). So I purchased 3 of those.

My vitamin pile

My vitamin pile

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Stretch Marks-Maybe I won’t have to worry about these?
  • Belly Button- Officially out.
  • Wedding Rings- still on, but starting to get harder to turn around my fingers. I blame the heat and the extra pounds.
  • Heartburn-I finished the previous bottle of Tums, and got an extra strength one. The Heartburn kind of went away? It’s still around if I lay down right after eating, or if I’m completely flat. But I’ll take it
  • Braxton-Hicks (yay!) Also the baby likes to kick my Kidneys. What’s up with that?
  • Sleep- due to the new vitamin routine I’m sleeping a lot better at night. I’m hoping that lasts. I wake up sore, but I suspect that is because I’m moving around a lot less while sleeping.

Exercise: I’m lazy. I think of all the things that I would do differently during a second pregnancy, this would be the one I’d change the most. I try to walk a lot and make it to the pool at least once a week. However, I know that had I been more active in the first and second trimesters that I would have had less to deal with in terms of my depression. I also think I would have felt a bit more limber. My muscles are so tight it’s not funny.

Things I miss: I realized today that I’m going to miss hearing the baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler. It’s my favorite part of every doctor’s visit and so emotionally comforting. I’m planning on recording it at my next appointment. Who knows, it might be the last time I get to hear that swishing sound. Other than that I’d like my organs back in their rightful spots.

Exciting Baby Things: We took a hospital tour? That is probably more exciting to me than anyone else. It looks nice. I’m weirdly looking forward to it. I view labor the way some people view marathons. As a Challenge.


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