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Fetus Update: Week 30

IMG_0258Today is: A day of reflection, napping, and last minute packing.

Baby Update: The fetus & I are at 30 weeks. 3/4 done. 1/4 to go. It’s about the size of a really large eggplant. It’s around 15 inches long head to toe, and weighs around 3 pounds.

Current Weight Gain: 19 pounds. This is okay. I’m not thrilled about it and I can really feel the extra weight. Still on target for less than 30 pounds total.

Overall Feeling: As I suspected I’ve been pretty busy. Em & Adam came in from Japan, El Sugar & I were thrown a baby shower* by our talented and lovely friends, Em & Adam actually stayed with us for part of the weekend, I had 3.5 (haha) doctor’s appointments, and we drove up to Round Lake for a Cook Family Birthday party. My Great Grandma Graham passed away this past Monday, she will be loved and missed**. El got sick. We had to pack for the cruise. Tomorrow El & I head up to Milwaukee to start our Vacation.  All of this means that I’ve been running around like a crazy person. Except Fridays, which seem earmarked for lounging. So overall pretty good. I feel pretty balanced, though I cry easier than usual. Like at the drop of some noodles on the floor style. Considering that I’m a supreme klutz I need to get around this or I’ll be crying for the next ten weeks.

Maternity Clothes: I’m officially out of my normal clothes, especially pants. There are a few non-maternity tops I own that still fit, but other than that it’s maternity central. El’s Aunt sent me another set of her old clothes and it included some very cute dresses and leggings. My maternity clothes MAY be cuter and more professional than my normal wardrobe. I loved my Stretch Tami from Old Navy so much I ordered 3 more plus a ruched tank with neon polka dots. They were on sale for $5 (complete win.) The swimsuit came and I’m already for the cruise.

The Nitty Gritty: Stretch Marks- still no. Belly Button- still in, but almost completely flat. Wedding Rings- still on. Heartburn- Yeppers. Not always, but when it is here it sucks. Growth- Still showing and getting bigger. Round Ligament Pain-not so much as last update. I think my ligaments just gave into getting bigger. However, if I sit in one position too long the right side of my body starts aching. That’s new and no fun.

Sleep: I’m still sleeping pretty well but I have to roll around to get comfy. In the last 2 days or so I’ve been getting up more often to use the restroom.

Exercise: I did MTV Yoga a couple times. I take myself to the pool at least once a week. I helped El Sugar saw wood. I’ve been trying to walk as much as possible at work and other places. Other than that I’m lazy bones.

Things I miss: I was going to say nothing, because even though I miss wine it’s not like I’m craving it or anything. However, then I went to the pool and while laying out to tan I tried to roll over onto my stomach….whomp whomp.

Exciting Baby Stuff:  No real exciting baby stuff to report. Baby & I are both considered normal which is a huge blessing. NO Gestational Diabetes! WIN.

Looking forward to: Cruise. (We’ll be gone til the 9th)

*El & I were so thrilled to have so many of our friends & family come to the baby shower. We received some really cute things, but more importantly we were surrounded by love. It was very humbling and we appreciated each and everything.

** My Grandma Graham was a talented lady, whom I had the pleasure of knowing for 28 years. She was and still is one of the world’s best bakers. I can still learn a lot about life from her. Her burial and service are being held in July, so that the family has time to get together.